We love blockchain

We meet a lot of people who have heard about blockchain but they don’t have a clear understanding of what this technology is about, or even worse: they associate it only with cryptocurrencies and hence have a negative perception of this innovation that has an unlimited number of applications, besides cryptocurrencies.  

So, whenever possible, we try to promote the technology and here’s a simple and quick way for you to test one of its applications.

One of our team members took a course in blockchain from Dutch Blockchain Coalition and received a blockchain-based certificate. What it means is that the veracity of the certificate can be checked by anyone in just a few clicks.

If you want to see for yourself just how easy it is, click on the link below and download the pdf. Follow the instructions on the bottom of the pdf and you will discover if the certificate has been tampered with or not.


And if you wish to learn a bit more about blockchain and get your own certificate once you pass the course, feel free to visit the site of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition


CADChain has a new home

As of December 1, CADChain is a resident of the Brightlands Smart Service Campus in Heerlen. 

Take a look at the CADChain profile at the Brightlands website:


MBD Solutions Event at Mikrocentrum

This November CADChain attended an MBD event, organized by ASML. We had very productive talks with Leo Broers, who is responsible for the MBD format in ASML and representatives of Siemens and Dassault, as well as many CAD software companies.

Proof of Principle 

CADChain has received the POP (Proof of principle) subsidy from LIOF for our “CADChain plugin” project and as of October 1 has been engaged in the study. It is expected to be completed by the end of April 2020.

The main feasibility question to answer by that time is if it is technically, legally and economically feasible to setup automatic creation and re-usage of a secure Geometric Twin. 

If this feasibility study is a success, we will go on to develop a product that is unique both at the economic and technical level. It is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) federated ecosystem that consists of a plugin, a PDM add-on and a supply chain interface. The ecosystem will connect the blockchain backend with end-users via an API (Application Programming Interface) that locks down CAD copyright. This way CADChain will serve as a gateway to tokenized CAD asset management via the proprietary technology of “the geometric twin”. CADChain users will be able to build their own applications on top of the platform via SDKs (self development kits), thus adding to the platform scalability.

Sino-European SME Cooperation Conference

The last event of the roadshow was the highlight of the trip as we established important contacts with both CAD and blockchain-related companies. So now we are researching the “Chinese government approved” blockchain protocols, among other things.  

2019 Sino-Euro Scientific and Technological Finance Development Forum

Another great opportunity to present CADChain to local business and government entities and to witness a few MOAs being signed between the city of Jinan and Dutch companies.

Jinan Lixia Investment Promotion Bureau pitching session

This was an important pitching session as it gave a clear understanding of what CADChain is doing to the Netherlands Business Support Office in Jinan, so that they could match us with local companies that work with CAD and blockchain.  

Xuzhou Europe Smart Tech & Creative Industry Cooperation Conference

This conference gave us a valuable opportunity to network with European business that relocated to China and to see the Xuzhou National Economic Development Zone.

Wuxi Development Zone conference

Wuxi is another great city in China that is one of the Development Zones with a lot of capital going towards establishing international cooperation and attracting European companies into the region. Besides meeting the top Wuxi officials and pitching CADChain to them, we got an even deeper dive into the nuances of Chinese business culture. This is something that an entrepreneur will never have a good grasp of unless they actually visit the country and communicate with their potential partners and investors.

2019 China Europe Technology and Innovation Project Forum

CADChain visited Hangzhou and its AI town, pitched the startup at the event organized by KPMG China Innovative Startup Center, had interesting networking sessions, established contact with the local incubator and university AI research group.

KPMG China pitching

Pitching at KPMG offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai was a wonderful experience if only because of the view from both business towers. 

However, besides great pitching in two marvelous locations, we enjoyed a brief but to the point introduction to China with respect to business opportunities.

China-Netherlands Innovation and Entrepreneurship conference

In Shenzhen CADChain presented itself at the conference, got to meet a lot of businesses interested in bilateral cooperation. This event was a great experience from the intercultural communication angle.

Bao'an Industry Development Expo 2019 

In November CADChain was chosen to be part of the business mission to China, organized by Outpie Partners. As part of that trip we got to present CADChain at different venues, starting with soon to be the largest expo center in the world, Shenzhen’s Bao’an Exhibition & Convention Center just one day after it’s official opening.

CADChain in China

China is very important for CADChain, so when Outpie Partners contacted us to say that we had been selected to join them on their trip to China, we were thrilled. And as a bonus, Xi Jinping called for aggressive pursuit of blockchain innovation right around the time when we were chosen to be part of the Dutch business mission. As the trip would demonstrate, this announcement of the Communist Party Leader played to our advantage quite a lot.

Moreover, for a CAD-related startup to be able to perfect our value proposition, we needed to see for ourselves how Chinese engineers, manufacturing companies and CAD producers viewed their cooperation with each other and with European companies. After an extensive Cust Dev with many European companies, talking to their Chinese partners (current or potential) provided us with that missing puzzle. 

AI in Engineering Symposium

In October CADChain attended the AI in Engineering symposium, organized by the Technical University Eindhoven, where AI, machine learning and deep learning were thoroughly discussed.

CADChain had a very interesting conversation with the director of the High Tech Systems Center. They are a link between research institutions and business, and their Digital Engineering track is something that fits our Geometric Twin project.


In September CADChain also attended the GOOTB event at Brightlands Innovation Factory. We got to meet a lot of startups and see how they have progressed since we last met. 

Gustavo from Fabber (http://fabbercorp.com/en/large_format_3d_printers_home/)  is in the photo with us. 

KPN Startup evening

In September CADChain attended the KPN Startup Event at HighTech campus. With more than 350 people present, CADChain had a great opportunity to network with representatives of the KPN’s startup ecosystem, consisting of startups, corporates, fund managers and other valuable KPN partners.

The entire evening was focused on creating new connections and finding ways of working together in the ecosystem. There were sessions for startups to speed date with venture funds, corporates and KPN. CADChain had a few interesting talks that led to follow-up meetings and possible cooperation.


CADChain has successfully finished the “Geometric twin” feasibility study. A geometric twin is a proprietary technology of CADChain. It is an identical copy of a CAD design that contains metadata which irreversibly links the geometry to the IP owner via a smart contract. A GT is represented by a non-fungible token that gives its owner complete status control while preventing unauthorized manipulations via cryptographically secure protection.

Globsec Forum

In June CADChain was invited to a 2-day forum in Slovakia, where data security issues were thoroughly discussed.

We made contact with a few cyber security specialists from the US. We had a talk with an AI researcher who is willing to advise us on that issue (this is for a slightly further future) and connect us to the director of the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC).

Female Tech Heroes

In May CADChain also attended the Female Tech heroes event at High Tech campus. A lot of networking led to many useful conversations with people that could offer their expert advice during the proof of principle stage.

Legal Forum Live

In May CADChain attended the Kaliningrad (Russia) edition of the St Petersburg International Legal Forum.

Big data, AI, blockchain, GDPR and IP protection are the main topics that were of interest to us. Contacts with two law professors, who specialize in IT and IP have been established.


In April we were invited to present CADChain at the annual Beyond Tech event organized by the HighTech campus. However, not only did we present the startup twice, but we also had a lot of meetings with companies like TNO, IBM, ABN-Amro, Philips, DEKRA, EY, TSG Group


Limburg Design Association

In February we were invited to speak at the LDA (Limburgse Design Associatie) conference. CADChain gave a 30 minute presentation in two parts : blockchain 101 and an overview of CADChain.

Brightlands Innovation Factory

Since our graduation from the first stage of the incubation program at Brightlands Innovation Factory on February 1st we have been mainly busy with two things, initial funding and networking. Both of these have been a success, even though the latter has had an effect on the first. It is taking us a bit longer than expected to prepare applications for subsidies, but at the same time making them more substantial.