Our Company's History

CADChain appeared in the beginning of 2018 when the original cofounders who worked together for several years in engineering saw a problem occuring when sharing CAD data: It was not secure, they had to sign multiple contracts for each iteration and could not see where the data went. Thus we set out to figure out a solution that would speed up the process and protect design data.

We tested the idea with different specialists, while writing the technical requirements, networking and assembling a team. Subsequently, we were invited to a hackathon in Hong Kong in order to test drive the idea and were told, on numerous occasions, that it was very unique and that we should definitely pursue it. After evaluating all available options, we decided to join an incubation program.

We found an incubation program (one that accepts early stage startups) and as of November 2018 CADChain was part of the Brightlands Innovation Factory. Recently we have been concentrating on initial funding and have already received two subsidies for feasibility studies.

This is an important milestone for CADChain as it means that the project has already passed its screening for innovation multiple times (RVO analyzed it before issuing a startup visa and later a self-employed visa for Violetta, STIMULUS awarded us with its MIT ZUID subsidy, and LBDF from LIOF granted us its Proof of Principle subsidy).

CADChain B.V. was registered on January 14th 2019 and is located in the Netherlands. After the incubation program at Brightlands Innovation Factory in Geleen was successfully finished the company moved to Heerlen to be part of the Brightlands Smart Services Campus.

We have been studied and vetted by diverse organizations and have passed all requirements for their help, support and subsidies.

The "Vroege Fase Financiering" from RVO which we are applying for with the support of our partner LIOF will provide the springboard to our beta version after which LIOF will invest for the final production and paid pilots.


Next phase