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After the conclusion of the VFF and LIOF Phases,
we will start our equity funding round.

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Pilots and development

6 months runway

LIOF phaseOpen


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Investor' Frequently Asked Questions

What is your target audience?

We are mainly targeting SMEs that have room in the budgets for the protection of intellectual property. We offer cost reduction and a faster and safer way to store and safeguard IP. Our software can protect a number of assets for free, so each SME can testdrive the platform how they see fit. In the free version there are no hidden costs.

The additional functions next to protection and registration of IP are part of our premium functionality such as contracts, licensing and sale of IP.

What are the targets for customer growth?

The target is to have 50-100 companies in the early stage pilots, and we expect to expand to over 2000 paid members in 2023. Our revenue target to achieve after our 5 year plan is €25 million ARR.

Who are your competitors?

Currently there are DAM offerings and other management software for these files within an organization. There's also the alternative solution that involves costly lawyers, but none of these accurately address the problem because they don't make the data traceable. We strive to reduce the cost normally associated with IP protection (and reserved for large corporations) and protect your assets globally.

Will you only target SMEs?

Our main proposition is incredibly suited for SMEs in its current format. We have decided to focus on this early adopter market first, since it allows for better mass adoption. We have no doubt that during the equity funding stage, when we will be able to have paid marketing and sales teams on staff, we will develop custom integrations and developments for enterprise customers based on their values and needs. Thus, essentially creating maximum value out of our existing proposition.

Business Case

Free version

Limited amount of protected IP

Provide proof of creation

  • - Certify and protect IP
  • - Sell your IP
  • - Prove ownership through certificates
  • - Free version supported by ads.

Premium Functionality

Contracts-as-a-Service or a broker fee

Track, Sell and License

  • - Digital Contracts
  • - Licensing
  • - Tracking
  • - Protects against foreign infringement

Enterprise Focus

Custom enterprise integrations

Adapted to specific usecases

  • - Data Management(CADPlug&Track)
  • - Consultancy (Legal/Technical/ Development)
  • - API interaction/integrations
  • - Enterprise connections (Market 4.0, SCSN)