We ensure security and ownership of design data.

We aim to increase productivity in manufacturing and engineering by automating CAD data sharing and embedding security and traceability into new business models that are based on design licensing.

The Problem:

Designs made in the CAD sector are not sufficiently protected by only copyright law and they are not fully included in patent law. This creates a problem when a business needs to share this data with other parties to produce or collaborate.

How is this experienced?

In the past this would lead to numerous contracts and negotiations back and forth. Mistakes in the contracts can lead to disastrous consequences. When aware of this problem this creates a barrier for entry, but when not aware of this problem the business is at severe risk for having their IP stolen, copied, or even worse... Trademarked in China. The costs of doing it ‘right’ are notoriously high, with some SMEs being unable to afford it, this creates a wrong balance between larger companies with a legal backbone and smaller companies.

How to solve this?

We are there for CAD businesses who want to collaborate and focus on design without spending time and money on contractual negotiations and still risk losing their IP. Our product is a new SAAS solution that provides secure CAD Data sharing, tracking and IP protection. Unlike DAMS and other cloud solutions, we offer full security during the entire design and production process and combine legal solutions with geometrical twin technology ensuring both legal compliance and technological protection.

Ownership Certificates

Our software creates authentic ownership certificates and irreversibly links these to their owner.

Asset tracking

Trace the file from origin to producer, based on authentication and smart contracts to log, store and safeguard the data and keep your IP safe.

Safely sell or license your IP

Our software provides KYC data and smart contracts for selling or licensing your IP to third parties.

If you are an engineering or
manufacturing company,
you are always at risk for:

Counterfeit items being produced, or IP being infringed upon and legal action will have to be taken.

Giving away control over your data, once it is out of the company PDM.

Losing income because monetizing the design requires sharing, but CAD data sharing cannot be managed and tracked efficiently.

In 2008 Ex-Intel worker accused of IP theft. Sensitive documents, including CAD drawings were found in his house.

Reuters, 2012

21% of manufacturing businesses lost intellectual property to security breaches in a single year.

Kaspersky, 2014

Once 3D printing files have been stolen, nothing can stop the illicit production of objects

Engineering & Technology, 2017

CADChain Ecosystem


Proof of Creation

Using our plugins for Autodesk* you can seamlessly convert your design to a protected file. This will give you a proof of creation certificate and allows you to prove that you are the IP holder.


License & Sell

The digital twin asset that you create in step one can be sold, distributed or licensed within our system. Because we take care of KYC you can trust that the party you are dealing with is legit.


Share protected data

When collaborating you are likely to need to share your files with third parties. Within our ecosystem you can collaborate and utilize freelance workers without risk to your assets.


Sign legal contracts

To further protect your assets, our software provides integral smart contracts between individual parties when viewing, purchasing or interacting with the applicable design. Save time and money on contractual negotiations due to our contract management solution.